Multilingual App Toolkit v4.0 change log

v4.0.6916.0 (VS 2017+)
v4.0.1916.0 (VS 2015)
v4.0.6915.0 (VS 2017+)
v4.0.1915.0 (VS 2015)
  • Fixed language caching issue that could silently disable the Microsoft Translator Provider.
  • Fixed corner case reliability issue related to Microsoft Translator settings.
  • Fixed installation issue with MAT for VS 2015 that could cause a MAT enabled VS 2017 project build to fail.
v4.0.6914.0 (VS 2017+)
  • Corrected issue that caused incorrect reporting of duplicate XLIFF files during build
  • Improved the Microsoft Translator API configuration (Tools -> Options -> Multilingual App Toolkit)
  • Add logic to handle when VS set the Neutral Language to 'English' instead of 'en'
v4.0.6913.0 (VS 2017+)
  • Corrected issue that caused overwrite of XLIFF resources in WPF .net core preview apps
  • Added support for .XLF file Build Action of 'None' to ensure translation are processed in .net core apps
v4.0.6912.0 (VS 2017+)
v4.0.1912.0 (VS 2015)
  • Added support for Microsoft Translator Text API v3
  • Enhanced Tools -> Options -> Multilingual App Toolkit Options page to support Custom Translator Settings.
v4.0.6910.0 (VS 2017+)
  • Added Options page to enter Translator service Subscription key (Tools -> Options -> Multilingual App Toolkit)
  • Resolved the future compatibility warning by implementing PackageAsync Model support 
v4.0.1910.0 (VS 2015)
  • Added Options page to enter Translator service Subscription key (Tools -> Options -> Multilingual App Toolkit)  
  • Deprecated VS 2013 support
v4.0.6900.0 (VS 2017+)
v4.0.1900.0 (VS 2015/VS 2013)
  • Fixed loss of translations when selecting 'Add translation languages' by import the original native translation in the XLF file
  • Fixed duplication of resources in shared projects when project path names overlapped
  • Improved support for .net standard and .net core project
  • Improved Multilingual Editor Italian translations based on community input

v4.0.6810.0 (VS 2017+)
v4.0.1810.0 (VS 2015/VS2013)

  • Update the Microsoft Translator provider to support the required Azure subscription.  See:


  • Fixed inability to remove a newline character at the end of a translation
  • Fixed shared JavaScript target resources are not deleted when the related XLF file is deleted
  • Fixed source resource loss issue by removing the ability to add a target language which matched the project sources language
  • Update the Translation Status Report to include resource counts in addition to the visual bar chart indicator
  • Added translation status reporting to the build output (how to article pending)
  • Added ability to exclude a resource file from MAT's localization workflow (how to article pending)
  • Added ability to suppress Pseudo build warning message (how to article pending)
  • Added ability to reset translations with updated source warning from the VS IDE
  • Added ability to reset translations from the VS IDE
  • Added support for VS15 preview


  • Fixed Visual Studio freezing when adding translation languages on project with many resource files
  • Improved build task performance
  • Added support for UWP shared projects
  • Fixed project reloading failure when enabling C++ DirectX & XAML projects
  • Fixed Xamarin iOS resource exclusion issue
  • Fixed Xamarin Android build failure with value-<screen dp>


  • Fixed reported issue when enabling JavaScript shared projects
  • Fixed reported issue when enabling Visual Studio Portable Class Libraries (PCL)
  • Fixed reported issue where setup would failing when Visual Studio registry keys still existed, but the product did not.
  • Corrected automation translation for Windows Phone Silverlight required resource “ResourceLanguage” and “ResourceFlowDirection”
  • Corrected the creation of blank resource file, which resulted in build errors.
  • Added the Opt-in / Opt-Out Customer Experience Improvement Program dialog option.

RC - v4.0.1563.0

  • Added Shared project support for C#, VB and JavaScript.
  • Removed support for Visual Studio 2012 (required for Shared Project support)
  • Improved the project 'Enable' experience
  • Editor Search results select the related entry in the Strings grid
  • Fixed Editor validation error when an '&' was added to the comment field
  • Fixed 'This type of CollectionView does not support changes to its SourceCollection from a thread different from the Dispatcher thread." error
  • Fixed the issue with the Editor loading splash screen when file is opened by dropping it on the editor
  • Corrected import issue related to CSV files
  • Reduced noise from importing files that do not result in any imported data
  • Updated 'Pseudo warning' during build.

Beta - v4.0.1517.0

  • Fixed embedded audio file in the default RESX file not being applied to the target RESX file
  • Visual Studio hotkeys stopped working after an import error dialog was displayed
  • Fixed Import dialog move up / Move down buttons usability
  • Import translation successful message was still displayed when import failed due to a read-only XLF file
  • Import translation was not working if the name of the import source and target files are different
  • Multiple error messages displayed when import a single read-only XLF file
  • "Files are not synchronized" warning message not displayed when building via TFS Build

Beta - v4.0.1466.0

  • Added logic to support importing of resource with <mrk> tags
  • Fixed recycling issue that required multiple tries to recycling same source string based translations
  • Updated editor suggestion workflow to ensure the matching row in the strings tab is viewable
  • Added logic to set the focus on the Translation field after the suggestion Apply button is clicked
  • Added logic to address hard to repro editor crashes

Beta - v4.0.1451.0

  • Corrected invalid reporting of project upgrade requirement for existing v4.0 based projects.

Beta - v4.0.1447.0

  • Added Translation Status Reporting menu to the solution right-click option
  • Corrected issue in iOS resource with non-Unicode characters
  • Corrected import update comment even with the rest of the resource was unchanged.
  • Corrected import update comment even with the rest of the resource was unchanged.
  • Updated the workflow in the editor around the Translatable flag setting.
  • Added logic to ensure the Translatable flag is retained during build and import operations
  • Enabled multiple selected results when used with the translatable dropdown
  • Fixed XLF file update so it is only touched when changes are detected
  • Fixed build sync issue when an older version XLF file was reverting via source control
  • Fixed Apply filter button was not always enabled when a filter criteria was changed
  • Adjusted the Ribbon spacing layout for several languages
  • Fixed UI translation errors in the editor for several languages
  • Fixed issue where applying automatic translation result in invalid XLIFF
  • Cleared active suggestion list when a resource is metadata is changed or locks applied
  • Corrected lack of first item selection then the Editor is first started by double-clicking on an XLF file
  • Fixed silent Unhandled code exception during project version validation
  • Updated extension URL links
  • Corrected customer reported spelling error
  • Corrected customer report setup issue that incorrectly reported "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed"

Beta - v4.0.1413.0

  • Fixed reported issue "A resource file referenced by 'filename.xlf' was not found in the project"
  • Fixed reported issue that the target resource file was not added to the project, but no error was reported
  • Added translation state counters to the Editor's status bar
  • Added translation state filter check boxes to allows multi-state selection
  • Adjusted the Language Portal settings to return higher quality initial matches

Beta - v4.0.1393.0

  • Fixed XLIFF validation error on non-English locales

Beta - v4.0.1393.0

  • Activated Windows 10 Universal C++ and JavaScript app project types
  • Fixed issues when processing iOS app with invalid or inconsistent .strings file
  • Fixed 'Add translation language' failure if a neutral resource contained escaped double quotes or comments in an iOS app
  • Fixed issues with XLIFF 2.0 support
  • Added Editor splash screen with progress status to help unhide the editor during larger file loads
  • Fixed Editor is crashed with the "Copy" button
  • Added not supported message when opening XLF 2.0 files
  • Fixed the addition of a unwanted newline when pasting translation in the translation field
  • Removed deprecated 'Signed-off' start from export dialog UI
  • Fixed export dialog compress folder states
  • Fixed exported resource counter with export filters are applied
  • Enabled the ability to change the exported ZIP file name
  • Corrected import processing order to ensure preference is given to the order in which files are listed
  • Corrected issue with translations having the same translation state were not imported
  • Corrected failure to imported translations if the XLF files are in a subfolder in a ZIP file
  • Corrected issue importing Resource that contained only spaces from an XLIFF 2.0 file
  • Fixed Grammar and typos in error message reported by the community
  • Updates task to use MSBuildProjectFullPath and MSBuildProjectName instead of ProjectPath and ProjectName
  • Fixed build break issues with duplicated sources native resource files
  • Fixed failure to display 'Source updated build warnings' if a source resource was changed after applying a translation
  • Fixed issue with DLL references are broken if a MAT enabled projects contains duplicate entries in the RESX file
  • Switch Microsoft Translator hub default from 'Tech' to 'General' category based on community feedback
  • Updated Microsoft Translator provider language support to current set
  • Fixed issue with Language Portal provider supporting zh-Hans & zh-Hant, but not zh-CHS & zh-CHT
Technical Preview - v4.0.1331.0
  • Export filtering by state support
  • Export, Import and Recycling support for XLIFF 2.0
  • Improved project management of resource file
  • Merged XLIFF 1.2 'Signed-off' state into 'Final' to simplify the workflow and align with XLIFF 2.0
  • The Editor next row button will now trigger an auto-suggestion when the suggestion tab is selected.
  • Language Portal provider marks resources as 'Needs review' instead of 'Translated'
  • Fixes cache file property issues reported via UserVoice
  • Fixed encoding issue on Android project for < and > symbols
  • Fixed issue with double quotes in iOS resource file
  • Fixed issue that caused editor validation failures when a suggestion contained an & symbol
  • Fixed issue with resource cache that cause target RESX file to be out of sync

Technical Preview - v4.0.1262.0

  • Added support for the Windows 10 Universal App Platform C# & VB projects
  • Added support for Windows Store file name resource qualifiers
  • Included Size, Localization, and TabIndex attributes from WinForms in the XLF file.
  • Improved context menus in the Multilingual Editor
  • Prevented controls from being obscured if the Multilingual Editor window is resized too small
  • Fixed translation state sort order in the Multilingual Editor
  • Fixed undo support in the Translation windows in the Multilingual Editor
Technical Preview - v4.0.1246.0
  • Added a Multilingual App Toolkit menu to reduce real-estate and improve discoverability
  • Enhanced Enable to skip projects without localizable resources
  • Language Portal provider refresh to use the latest Terminology API and configurations settings
  • Temporarily disabled Universal App shared project support to avoid build breaks
  • Corrected several XLIFF encoding issues
  • Added support for placing assemblyInfo.cs configuration such as version and default language in a shared file
  • Correct issue in the Import / recycling translations feature
  • Fixed export file silent failure bug
  • Fixed issue with Multilingual App Toolkit menus on Solution folders and project folders
  • Added increment build support to enhance build performance
  • Corrected encoding issues when generating native target resource files
  • Fixed over-Localization of Winforms apps with Multilingual app toolkit
  • Applied auto localization of "ResourceFlowDirection" and "ResourceLanguage" resource for Windows Phone Silverlight project based on target language
  • Added additional error messages to assist with projects that are configured for localization
    Technical Preview - v4.0.1132.0
    • Corrected project loading errors with Xamarin Studio and MAT Enabled projects
    • Expanded ‘Add translation languages…’ dialog to show all root languages for better iOS and Android apps support.  For example: Hindi is now selectable as ‘hi’ and ‘hi-IN’ to enable language only or language + region.
    • Added support for Visual Studio 14 CTP
    • Improved readability of XLIFF files.
    • Corrected issue with XLIFF files sometimes failing to update.
    • Corrected issue with Xamarin Form XAML file being treated as a resource file.
    • Corrected issue where XLIFF target language was set to source language.
    • Improved build warning and error messages.
    • Changed out of sync TFS build errors to warnings, removing the requirement for all developers to have MAT installed when working on a MAT enabled project.
    • Fixed Windows Phone <SupportedCultures> to contain MAT enabled language codes
    Technical Preview - v4.0.1087.0

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