MAT v4.0 "Getting Started" guide

Thank you for installing v4.0.  

The best way to get familiar with the toolkit is to watch the video on MAT with Windows Phone. This video covers the steps for enabling a project, adding languages, and testing the result.  The video can be found at

For this getting started guide, we'll use a Xamarin project on GitHub called TodoL10nResx.  This project uses Xamarin Forms and supports iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

The Multilingual App Toolkit steps are as follows:
  1. Install Windows 8 or greater.
  2. Install Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 or greater.
  3. Install v4.0 from the Visual Studio Gallery 
  4. Download and open the TodoL10nResx project from GitHub. 
  5. Select the TodoL10nResx (Portable) project in the solution explorer
  6. Expand the project and remove the RESX files that contain a target language in the name.  For example (, etc).  Note: Do not remove Resources.resx
  7. With the TodoL10nResx (Portable) project selected, click on the Tools -> Multilingual App Toolkit -> Enable menu.
  8. Right-Click the TodoL10nResx (Portable) project and select 'Add Translation Languages'
  9. Select your languages and click OK (I'll use Ja-JP for this article)
  10. Right-Click the resulting Resources.ja-JP.xlf file and select 'Generate Machine Translations'
  11. Make the iOS, Android, or Windows Phone project the startup project
  12. Run your app with the emulator set to Japanese 
That should get you going.

Things that you might hit:
  • Ensure the NuGet restore is enabled (Or install them yourself)
  • Ensure your Xamarin is up to date
  • Ensure you are running Visual Studio Update 2+
  • Ensure the Resources.resx file was not deleted during step #6
Have fun!


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