Microsoft Translator Moves to the Azure portal

The Microsoft Translator Provider requires an Azure Cognitive service Translator account subscription.  Once you have a subscription key, you will need to configuration the Translation provider to use that key.  

Connecting the Microsoft Translation provider to The Cognitive Services.

Obtain your Cognitive Services Translator Text key (Skip this step if you already have a Key):

1. Use this link to create a new Translator Text Key: For details, see: How to sign up for the Translator Text API

Configuring MAT with the Cognitive Services Key
2. Ensure MAT 4.0.6916.0 is install (v4.0.1916.0 for VS 2015 / Multilingual Editor)
3. Start you version Visual Studio (2019, 2017 or 2015)
4. Select the Tools -> Options -> Multilingual App Toolkit -> Microsoft Translator
5. Enter your subscription key

5a. If you are using a multi-service or regional translator resource, select the region for your subscription key. Otherwise leave the region blank
5b. If you use a custom translator, you can enter the name here.  Otherwise leave it blank.
6. Click OK

Once completed, the Microsoft Translator provider will use you Azure account to provide Microsoft Translation Services.

Troubling shooting:
Issue: "The request is not authorized because credentials are missing or invalid." is display in the output window when trying to generate machine translations
Solution: This happens if the subscription is not configured correctly.  Ensure your subscription key is entered correctly.  Additional, if your subscription is key is a multi-service or regional translator resource you will need to select that key's region from the drop down list as well.

Issue: “TranslateApiException: Invalid authentication token. Microsoft DataMarket is retired. Please subscribe to Microsoft Translator, in the Cognitive Services section at Please visit to find detailed instructions. : ID=0824.V2_Soap.GetTranslations.4EEAF6E3”
Solution: Ensure you are running  MAT 4.0.6916.0 for VS 2017/2019 or v4.0.1916.0 for VS 2015.  The API version previously used for the Microsoft Translator    Provider is not longer supported.  Newer versions of MAT use v4 of the API.

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